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This well crafted boot is the only one worthy of using our hometown’s name. Hollowed ankle cavities and perforation on the liners allow mobility to be enhanced without giving up lower foot support. This free flowing boot is built for both boat and cable Zen master’s like last year’s winner of the Move Of The Year Erik Ruck who know that leg mobility is only as good as the foot hold that it offers. Ruck has confidence in the fact that the heel hold in these panda bear specials will allow him to loosen the upper cuff for exaggerated presses at a cable park without sacrificing board control edging into the wake. This boot has been infused with some of the latest in eco friendly technologies to make you feel better about your wake on our waterways. If bamboo is good for the endangered pandas… we decided that it must be good for us!

Color: White Buck

Flexmeter (soft/mobility) 1-10 (firm/responsive) : 6

Single lasted with the lowest profile and compact last - eliminating excess material and hot spots

3-D Molded tongue blends comfort and performance

Built in J-bars improve heel hold

Double laces - a more customized fi t

Articulating cuff - the boot flexes with the rider without boot distortion

Low friction eyelets

Bamboo fabric – Pandas will be jealous of our latest eco friendly creation

New double X lacing – improved wear resistance and tensile strength

Ridden by Erik Ruck and Marc Rossiter

Size: 8-9,11,12